My Personal Journal

My Personal Journal is a digital journal that allows you to record your life's daily events. With My Personal Journal you can store all of you memoirs in one place. It easy to use interface and features provide a tool that makes keeping a journal easy.

Licensing Options:

The standard, or adware option, provides the features needed to write and maintain your journal.

-    Write pages in your journal

-    Create reminders to help you remember important events

-    The reminders display on the application's live tiles (up to five)

-    Select the date you want from a calendar

-    Entry to the journal is password protected

-    Print a journal entry

-    Update existing journal entries

-    Select what page to display after logging in (journal, calendar, or reminders)

The premium license is an annual subscription and provides all of the features listed above plus:

-    Encryption of your journal entries

-    Ability to use OneDrive to share the data across multiple devices

-    Print multiple journal entries using a date range

-    Eliminates advertising

See an overview of using the application.

Getting Started

Available in Windows Store