My Barcode Organizer

My Barcode Organizer is an easy to use application that lets you digitize, organize, and display the barcodes of your membership/loyalty cards. In addition, you can scan QR codes and launch your browser to search for the information represented by the QR code, and you can generate your own barcodes.

My Barcode Organizer runs on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 PC devices. It works best on devices with high resolution camera.

Licensing Options:

There are two licensing options for the application.

The standard, or adware option, provides the features needed to digitize and organize your barcode membership cards.

-   Keep track of membership/loyalty cards and QR codes.

-   Tap to display barcode ready for merchant scanning.

-   Scan barcode from phone or computer with camera.

-   Scan QR codes and launch web site (if any) associated with code.

-   Search internet for information on scanned barcode.

-   Manually enter barcode data instead of scanning.

-   Generate your own barcodes.

-   Backup and restore functions allow you to make safety copies of your data, and to restore your data should you have a computer crash that damages your data.

The premium license is an annual subscription and provides all of the features listed above plus:

-   You can use OneDrive to store your data, and to share it among multiple devices.

-   You can schedule automatic backups that will back up your data up to you OneDrive account.

-   Eliminates advertising

See an overview of using the application.

Getting Started

Available in Windows Store