My Education Organizer

My Education Organizer is an easy to use education planning system. You can maintain a course catalog, list of instructors, and your class schedule by semester. In addition, you can track class assignments, tests, and study sessions. The home page shows you events that are in progress, coming up later today, and that are planned within the next week. The calendar function allows you to view and print your schedule in 1 day, 5 day, 7 day, or monthly format. The all grades function allows you to review the results of all tests you have entered for each semester you have defined in the data base.

The user interface is designed to provide ease of use when entering new records or updating existing records.

Licensing Options:

There are two licensing options for the application.

The standard, or adware option, provides the features needed to track your classes for one semester.

-   A course catalog for all courses you are interested in taking. You can enter an unlimited number of courses that you can choose from when you are planning your class schedule. The course catalog is not tied to a given semester, but can span your entire education experience.

-   A list of instructors that contains the instructor's office location, phone number, e-mail address, comments, etc. The instructors can be linked to the courses in your course catalog.

-   A class schedule for the semester. You can choose your classes from the course catalog, and enter the time schedule for each class. In addition, you can track class assignment (homework), tests or exams, and study sessions for each class.

-   A calendar function gives you an overview of your schedule. You can select a 1 day, 5 day, 7 day or monthly calendar view, and you can print your calendar to take with you or share with someone else. Also, you can define holidays to keep track of days when you will not have any classes.

-   An all grades function that lets you review the results of all tests and exams you have scheduled. In addition, you can print the all grades report.

-   Backup and restore functions allow you to make safety copies of your data, and to restore you data should you have a computer crash that damages your data.

The premium license is an annual subscription and provides all of the features listed above plus:

-   Support for multiple years and semesters.

-   You can use OneDrive to store your data, and to share it among multiple devices.

-   You can schedule automatic backups that will back up your data up to you OneDrive account.

-   Eliminates advertising

See an overview of using the application.

Getting Started

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