BowlBrac - Bowling League Brackets provides the features needed to manage a typical league's bowling brackets competition.

The user interface is designed to provide ease of use when entering new records, updating existing records, or entering scores.

Licensing Options:

There are two licensing options for the application.

In addition, the application has a 30 day trial license that provides all of the features included with the standard license. The trial license is supported by adware.

The standard license, provides the features needed to manage up to five leagues.

Features include:

-   Manage up to five leagues

-   Manage scratch and handicap leagues

-   Define Weekly Brackets

-   Manage Weekly Brackets

-   Visual display of the brackets

-   Ability to print the brackets

-   Easy score entry

-   Manual tie breaking capability

-   Allow or disallow BYEs

-   Two types of administrator fee calculations (fixed amount or percent)

-   Calculates the number of brackets required based on the number of participants

The premium license is an annual subscription and provides all of the features listed above plus:

-   Manage an unlimited number of leagues

-   Backup and restore functionality

See an overview of using the application.

Getting Started

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